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Invoice and payment

Housekeeping-in.nl is always looking for a housekeeper in your area that will meet the wishes you've requested. Our service consists of providing data about the housekeeper, we don't provide the housekeeper. Once you've done a request, we are going to search for a suitable housekeeper. When you apply for a housekeeper, you give us permission to start with the search for a housekeeper. Because of this permission, the reflection period of seven days (in Dutch: 'kopen of afstand') isn't valid. It might happen the housekeeper doesn't suit your wishes, once she works for you. If that's the case, we'll do a second search for you again, free of charge.

Our liability can never be higher than the invoice amount of mediation. You are resposible to check the passport and the identity of the housekeeper.

Your subscriptions runs for at least one year. After this year, you are allowed to end your subscription every month with a notice period of one month. 

The monthly costs of the subscription are paid through direct debit or through a payment request. You are responsible for the direct debit.

If we don't find a housekeeper in the first month of your subscription, you won't need to pay for this month.

If you don't pay for your subscription, we will charge collection costs.


We've paid the utmost care with composing this website. For possible inaccuracies and incompleteness regarding to this website, www.housekeeping-in.nl and/or the composers can't be made responsible. No responsibilities will be accepted. Personal information, provided through you because of a request, won't be provided to others.

If you have any complaints, you can fill in our contact form. We can appear as mediator and, when the complaints are well-founded, we can remove the housekeeping from our network.

Housekeeping-in doesn't accept any liability for the content on our website, offered by third parties. You can think of committing violation on copyright protected labor, or otherwise trade contradictory with the intellectual property of others. Housekeeping-in doesn't accept any legal responsibility for direct or indirect damage, caused by the offered content (trough us or through third parties) on the website.

On the content and performance of this website rests an intellectual ownership of the composers. Nothing may be used by others without a written permission from housekeeping-in.nl. Nothing from this publication may be published or reproduced without permission of the publisher, including reproducing through print, offset, photocopy or microfilm, or in any other digital, electronic, optical or other form, or reproducing on behalf of a company, organization, institution, for personal practice, study or of use which is not strictly private, for copy in a day-, news- or weekly paper or magazine (as well hard copy as digital) or broadcast.


By filling in our registration form you can apply for a housekeeper. After the activation you can specify requirements for your housekeeper. We will start our search for a housekeeper immediately.