Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be guaranteed you'll find a housekeeper for me?

In our database we have a lot of caregivers and housekeepers who are prepared to help you. At the moment you apply for a housekeeping help, we will immediately search for a housekeeper that suits your wishes. It might be possible we don't find someone who meets your demands when you apply for a housekeeper. When that's the case, we'll let you know within 11 days after your request, you won't pay any agency costs.

What jobs can I expect of € 13,50?

The rate of € 13,50 covers all kinds of housekeeping tasks you need like cleaning, washing, working in the garden or helping shop.

Is there any kind of control on the housekeeping help?

When a housekeeping help applies for a job we let him/her fill in a form. When you are looking for a housekeeper, we search for a housekeeper who suits your wishes. Because of the much data we have of the caregivers, we can quickly check if we have an appropriate help for you. In the end you plan an interview to get to know each other and see if you get along.

Our caregivers are 16 years and older, age requirements are possible.

What can I do when the housekeeping help doesn't suit my wishes?

When the help doesn't meet your demands or you can't get along with the housekeeper, you can request for a new help. When this housekeeper still doesn't suit your wishes, we will search for another housekeeping help again.

What are the total costs of a housekeeping help?

When you register on the website you won't pay anything until we introduced you a housekeeping help. Then you'll receive an invoice of the agency costs. If we don't find anyone, you won't pay anything. Furthermore you'll pay the hour rate of € 13,50.

Do I have to pay you or do I pay the housekeeping help?

You only pay us the agency costs, you have to pay the housekeeping help the hour rate of € 13,50 per hour.

Do I have to take care of the cleaning products?

Yes, you have to provide cleaning products.

I would like to give a housekeeping help as a present, is that possible?

Yes, giving a housekeeping help as a present is very original. We provide you the possibility to give someone a housekeeping help for several hours. Read the website for the possibilities (only in Dutch).

Are you also active in my hometown?

We mediate in the whole country. (The Netherlands)

Do I have to report my housekeeping help to the Tax Authority?

You have to report your housekeeping help to the Tax Authority if he/she is working for you three days or more. If this is the case you have to do the payroll preparation yourself. If you don't want, or can't do the payroll preparation yourself, you can contact us. We can, if desired, contact an administration office.

If you have a housekeeper less than three days a week, you don't have to pay wage tax and premiums. In this case you don't have to charge VAT.

You do have to specify the income of your housekeeping help at the Tax Authority.

What about a contract between me and my housekeeping help?

When you hire a housekeeping help, you legally have a contract of employment with this person. This can be a verbal agreement or a written agreement about the content of work, the payments, working hours and so on. You can use our standard contract which you can download as soon as you've submit a request.

Is my housekeeping help responsible for damage?

There are two different kinds of damage; damage to your housekeeper and damage to your interior.

  • You have to make sure you create a save work environment for your housekeeping help. This includes save cleaning products, cleaning gloves, a step ladder and so on. If your housekeeper incurs damage in spite of your preparation, you can embed the liability insurance.
  • When the housekeeping help causes damage to your interior accidentally during the activities, this will also be covered by the liability insurance. You never have the right to ask a compensation of your housekeeping help.

What can I do if I have a complaint?

When you have a complaint, you can contact us at any time. Our employees will attend to it and they will search for the best solution, together with you. If you aren't happy with the solution, you can fill in our complaints-form. Our management will look at the case again.

What should I do if my housekeeping help is sick?

If your housekeeper is sick, you will make an appointment for another day together. Of course your housekeeping help has to let you know she's ill on time. You don't have to pay your help for hours she/he is not working.

If your housekeeping help is ill for a longer term, you can apply for a new help. Because we offer you a one year warranty, you don't have to pay if your housekeeping help is ill in that first year.