Regulation service at home

When you have a housekeeping help who works for you with a max of three days, your housekeeping help will belong to the 'regulation service at home'. This regulation exists since 2007 to stimulate the market for personal services, like housekeeping help.

When your housekeeping help belongs to this regulation, your help is not in paid employment according to the Tax Authority. When your help fulfills following conditions, he or she will receive the entire amount of wage you agreed.

To what conditions does my housekeeping help needs to suffice?

Following conditions are necessary:

  • The housekeeping help has to do the tasks you gave her/him her-/himself.

  • For the services of the housekeeper you pay (at least the legally minimum wage) the wages. With 'housekeeping-in' this is always the case.

  • You are the employer, your housekeeping help is the employee. This means you have to indicate what kind of tasks your housekeeping help needs to do.

  • The help works for you with a maximum of three days.

  • You will pay a holiday bonus of 8 per cent.

    NOTE: This is not the case when you've found a housekeeping help via www.housekeeping-in.nl, this 8 per cent is already included.

  • The housekeeping help needs to report her/his income to the Tax Authority. This is necessary for the determination of social security, refunds and so on.

  • The housekeeping help has the right on a holiday, depending on the total amount of hours she/he is working for you. You don't have to pay anything extra, this is also included in the hour rate.

  • If you want to fire your housekeeping help, you don't need a permission to terminate employment. You do have to keep the agreed term of notice in mind.

  • As employer you don't have any administration obligations.

If the housekeeping help is working less than three days, all our housekeeping helps meet above criteria.

See also the following site about services at home: Dienstverlening aan huis

Note: The language of the site is Dutch.

What jobs are included in 'Services at home'?

The regulation includes following jobs:

  • housekeeping help

  • Babysitting

  • Take care of pets

  • Pick up medicines or grocery

  • Keep up the garden

  • Several jobs in and around the house

  • Providing care

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