About us

The organization behind www.housekeeping-in.nl

Www.housekeeping-in.nl has been developed in 2007. It has been developed to help people who were searching for a housekeeper but couldn't find one. Caregivers can also searching for a job on our website.
We bring together two parties on a simple way through the internet, because it's often hard to find each other on another way.

To finance this project we only ask a share through agency costs. You won't pay these agency costs until we've found a housekeeper. In 2009 we processed about 3000 applications.

The organization

The organization is settled in Enschede.

Nijverheidstraat 5
7511 JM Enschede
Tel.: 088 430 30 82
KvK-nummer: 08099570

Though our office is settled in Enschede, we help people through the entire country. If you want to apply for a housekeeper, you can fill in our registration form.

We will respond as soon as possible.

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